William Ladson


Winslow, New Jersey


The imaginative inner landscapes of Bill Ladsonís computer-created art awaken endless possibilities within. Potential transforms into that which is tangible through his depictions of futuristic worlds and technology-inspired abstracts. You easily find yourself transported to another dimension where dreams and science fiction awaken. The imaginings which have always been confined to the mindís eye are breathed to life by Ladsonís gift for translating unreality into visual representations that we can see, taste, and touch.

Ever since he could hold a pencil, Bill discovered that his hand seemed to draw of its own accord Ė he couldnít keep himself still from doodling his favorite cartoon characters across every spare bit of paper he could find. His work diversified in high school when his art teacher encouraged him to work on putting together a broader scope of styles for his portfolio that he could present to potential art schools admissions. As a result of this advice, he attended The Philadelphia College of Art (Now the University of the Arts) and later graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in visual communication.

It is very important to Bill that he consistently re-create himself through his images, and so he is always learning new things and taking his skills to increasingly greater levels. His wide and diverse body of work includes logos, clothing designs, cartoon characters, landscapes, and various types of abstract art. Though his original training is in drawing, painting, illustration, and graphic design, Ladsonís work took a major leap forward when he stepped into the computer age and began using a mouse, or a stylus and a tablet in exchange for a pencil or a paint brush. His most recent works include a line of toy designs, graphic t-shirts, and science fiction art. Bill frequently sets his images apart by the scale of his subjects and the unique perspective which is conveyed through his love of complex forms, bright colors, and geometric patterns.
In some of his most recent works, Bill has shown an interesting way of capturing a moment in time by freezing a frame in what would normally continue to move. He refers to it as arrested kinetics. Fluid and objects are held still and captured in a single image.

He often gains much of his inspiration from the worlds imagined in science fiction and fantasy stories and films, as well as the ongoing challenge of creating something that he has not yet attempted before. Both motivate him to push his limits and discover a way to materialize the things that begin only in the mind. Bill Ladson frequently thanks God for the creative gift that he has been given, and loves that he can use it to inspire the imaginations of others as well.

written by Tien Frogget


Nest of spheres by William Ladson


Harmony by William Ladson


Marbles at rest by William Ladson


.75 VORONOI Cubes by William Ladson


Honey Flow by William Ladson


Honey and Ladle by William Ladson


Raptured by William Ladson


Nemesis Cell by William Ladson


Glass Organism Hot by William Ladson


The Shattering of Three by William Ladson


Glass Organism 001 by William Ladson


Breakthru by William Ladson


Let There Be Light by William Ladson


Dusk of Our Lord by William Ladson


Dawn of Our Lord by William Ladson


Crumble Tower of Wood by William Ladson


Block-Splosion 2 by William Ladson


Block-Splosion 1 by William Ladson


Green Geometric Blast by William Ladson


Sphere Blast by William Ladson


BOXEE HEDRON by William Ladson


Scatter Burst One by William Ladson


Imperial Fleet Launch by William Ladson


The New Imperial Fleet by William Ladson


Dangerous Jelly Bean by William Ladson